Empowering Medicine

Susan Terry

Licensed Homeopath


A safe, gentle and effective medicine.
I am passionate about sharing with you, the empowering nature of homeopathy.

From Conception to End of Life, Homeopathy can support you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.


My style is collaborative which means we work together in improving your health and getting it to be the best it can be. The focus is on you and the unique individual that you are, removing the blocks that prevent you from living life the way you want to.


I enjoy working with everyone whatever their health issue or challenge in life, so whether its painful gout in your big toe, a desire to find a natural alternative to getting your blood pressure under control or having been knocked off balance by emotional trauma and anything in between, Homeopathy can be the answer.


I have a particular interest in working with children with Additional Needs and I have
continued to do additional training through the years to increase my knowledge and
experience in order to help those I work with.

I am trained in  using homeopathic remedies to detox the effects of damage arising from environmental , hormonal, medicinal and vaccine toxins.

 “It’s far more important to know

what person the disease has

than what disease the person has”



Homeopathic consultations are either by video call wherever you are in the world or face to face in Cornwall, UK. You can book directly into my calendar at a time that suits you.

If you are not sure how I can help you book a free 15 minute introduction call and I can tell you how it will help you and your family.

About Me

Like many homeopaths my interest comes from personal experience of homeopathy. I have two daughters who as young children both had warts on their hands. They were each given different remedies but with the same result; the warts disappeared, never to reappear. How intriguing was that?

what Are They Saying

Client Testimonials

Susan has been treating my family and I for the past three years. She has worked closely with my eldest daughter, now 4, and through her homeopathic treatment has been able to help transform her life from a silent, withdrawn, child to a happy, confident little girl. Susan has also introduced me to basic homeopathic treatment so that I can confidently treat my family’s day to day needs at home.

Sarah N

I visited Susan to help me deal with a long standing issue.  I was immediately put at ease and found my story was received in a very non judgemental and empathic way by Susan. I always felt as if I could contact her at any time over the process if there were any problems and my condition was relieved.


I have now used homeopathy for severe hayfever symptoms over two successive seasons and found the results amazing. Previously I needed to use a nasal steroid to stop the constant runny nose, now when the acute symptoms come I finish my homeopathy course and feel great. Thank you Susan.

Dan T


Sadly with the growth of conventional medicine and its reliance on pharmaceutical drugs, we have been disempowered and lost much of the wisdom and folk knowledge which allowed us to deal effectively with a lot of ill health. Those things fondly but rather disparagingly referred to as ‘old wives tales‘, are often well worth considering and are a lot less harmful to our general well being. I’m passionate about making people aware of the empowering nature of homeopathy, allowing them to recapture that ability to treat many of the minor acute and first aid incidents that arise in most families.