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CEASE therapy was devised and developed by Dr Tinus Smits, a Dutch medical doctor and homeopath to benefit children on the Autistic Spectrum. Over time it has been  realised that the protocol is applicable to many modern chronic diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, lupus etc. and to the side effects of medication, and this may be termed Homeopathic Detox.This is because the thinking that underpins this approach, is that toxic substances have overwhelmed and undermined the person’s vital energy and the body is no longer able to restore equilibrium . Homeopaths are increasingly finding that the expected positive effects using classical homeopathy either don’t occur or they are short-lived. This may indicate that there is a ‘block ‘ effecting treatment caused by medications, such as antibiotics and steroids, vaccination, hormonal treatments like the contraceptive pill, IVF, exposure to toxic chemicals at work etc. People may say that they or their child have ‘never been well since…’ taking / being exposed to/ or having something. CEASE Therapy consists of three main parts:

  • Classical homeopathy.
  • Detoxification of substances using a form of homeopathy known as isotherapy which involves giving back the substance in potentised, homeopathic form.
  • Orthomolecular support : the use of supplements to aid detoxification by supporting basic physiological and metabolic systems.

Parents of autistic children will know that they can have gut related issues which also impact on brain functioning. Many strategies devised to help individuals with ASC are diet based. CEASE therapy and classical homeopathy aim to restore the body to a state of equilibrium to the point where the need for such interventions are minimised.  I am aware that, on the one hand, parents and carers are so often told that little can be done to address the physical, emotional and behavioural issues associated with ASC , but on the other hand there appear to be a myriad of other strategies, be they psychologically, behaviourally or diet based. It must seem both overwhelming and bewildering when contemplating how best to proceed. CEASE therapy is not a ‘ quick fix’ and usually requires several months of taking the detox remedies to observe effects. The homeopaths who are practising CEASE therapy are seeing, in the case of children with ASC, encouraging results such as increased ability to connect with and listen to others, improvement in speech, reduction in digestive issues, increased self confidence, that we are keen to ensure that everyone is made aware of its potential. www.cease-therapy.com