Clearing toxins and Balancing body systems using homeopathic remedies has also been a growing area that is of benefit to clients and we have Tinus Smits and Ton Jansen to thank for developing this work and training homeopaths in its application.

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the daily onslaught of environmental factors such as levels of pollution, medication side effects, hormone disrupting treatments such as HRT, and work based chemicals and pollutants, vaccines, longer term use of antibiotics, to name but a few.

As a homeopath I am aware that clients come to me with increasingly complex issues and treatment can hit a ‘ road block ‘ and not progress. This is frustrating for both myself and my client as we don’t achieve the outcome they had hoped for.

The ‘ road block ‘ often turns out to be the effect of an external factor and it needs to be removed before the homeopathic remedies can do their work in restoring the person to the best state of health possible for them.

Sometimes clients will come to me, being quite clear that their symptoms are associated with a particular external factor in that  they feel that they have ‘ never been well since’ , for example , a prescribed medication contraceptive device, vaccination.

We are also finding that medications and interventions used in pregnancy can be factors in the development of behavioural disorders, autism and ADD/ADHD. The removal of these substances in homeopathic form can sometimes bring considerable benefits to these children.

However we come to realise that a Clearing and Balancing Program would be appropriate, the process is the same, always personalised to the individual and guided by their responses and reactions.

The process itself consists of several elements ;

Personalised , constitutional ( addressing the whole person ) Homeopathic treatment. Much can be achieved with this approach alone.

Organ support : homeopathic remedies to support individual organs that may be struggling.

Tautopathy : using the homeopathic principle of ‘ like treats like ‘ we give the homeopathic preparation of the substance  believed to be  causing the ‘ road block’.

Orthomolecular support : the use of targeted  vitamins and supplements such as Vitamin C, Essential Fatty Acids etc. to support the detoxification process.