Homeobotanicals are a unique and very special set of formulations, which combine the benefits of herbs and homeopathy.

They originate from New Zealand and are synergistic combinations of organic or wild crafted herbs , diluted and succussed to a low homeopathic potency which support organs such as the liver and kidneys and address various health issues. They have a gentle and effective action.

I integrate them into my homeopathy practice but they can also stand alone as a therapeutic system, so they may interest those who are not yet ready/do not want to go down the homeopathy treatment route. I can provide a short stand- alone telephone consultation for a fixed fee which will include the cost of the formulation which is individually made for each client.

However, there are a couple of formulations which could be prescribed on the basis of specific issues, which are worms ( for humans and animals ) and head lice ( in humans ), fleas, ticks, lice ( in animals ). If you are interested in knowing  more please contact me. Meanwhile have a look at the website www.homeoherbs.co.uk, where there is a great deal more information about these remarkable formulations.