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Conventional medicine has made enormous progress in improving health but so has improved hygiene and diet. Sadly with the growth of conventional medicine and its reliance on pharmaceutical drugs, we have been disempowered and lost much of the wisdom and folk knowledge which allowed us to deal effectively with a lot of ill health. Those things fondly but rather disparagingly referred to as ‘old wives tales‘, are often well worth considering and are a lot less harmful to our general well being. I’m passionate about making people aware of the empowering nature of homeopathy, allowing them to recapture that ability to treat many of the minor acute and first aid incidents that arise in most families.

Are you looking for?

  • Space and time to talk about your health concerns
  • A different way of looking at health and illness
  • A safe, gentle and effective method of healing for all the family
  • A method of healing which considers symptoms a reflection of your uniqueness and individuality, rather than needing to fit a diagnostic label
  • How often have you felt out of sorts or sought the advice of a doctor and found that because your own unique set of symptoms do not fit into a ‘diagnostic box’ the doctor explains that he is not able to help you or you are left feeling that ‘ it is all in your head ‘
  • Involvement in your own healing
  • Advice on how you can influence your health and wellbeing or that of your family by small changes to lifestyle

Then Homeopathy may be for you.

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathic medicine is an energy medicine based on scientific principles. Developments in Quantum Physics has established that all matter including human beings, consists of vibrating atoms giving off energy and it is in this field we are likely to find explanations of how Homeopathy works.

What are Homeopathic Remedies?

Substances, derived from plant, animal and mineral, produce a characteristic collection of symptoms in healthy volunteers.
Tiny amounts of these same substances are diluted and shaken many times to release their powerful healing energies (potentisation) and reduce any toxic affect. It is the matching of a particular ‘potentised’ remedy’s symptom picture of an individual that makes the remedy action ‘homeopathic.
Homeopathic remedies are pleasant to take, do not have any side effects and can be used alongside prescribed medicines.

Homeopathic remedies help to restore your sense of balance and well being by encouraging and supporting the healing mechanism, which is present in all of us.

Homeopathic medicine is a safe and effective system of medicine which has been used throughout the world for over 200 years to treat people suffering from all forms of ill-health and disease. It was developed by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), a medical doctor and Chemist. In some parts of the World such as India it is the mainstream system of medicine because of its effectiveness and low cost.

How do we become ill?

We are all subject to environmental, mental, emotional or physical ‘stressors’ that can affect our sense of well being and make us vulnerable to ill health or ‘dis-ease’. Symptoms, are the name we give to increased awareness of how we are feeling or what is happening in parts of our body, and are a reflection of the disturbance in our own innate life-force. We are all unique in how we respond to these stressors.

Will I need to come back?

Homeopathy is an holistic form of healing. All aspects of the person are taken into account. The remedy is individualised for each person and treats the whole person not just the symptoms. Depending on the choice of prescription I may want to be in contact with you fairly soon after the first consultation or I may arrange to see you a few weeks later, in order to review your progress. Healing is a process that may take some time and the use of several remedies, especially if you have a chronic illness that you have experienced for some time. You are my partner in the healing process so we will decide together how we will proceed. All information shared is treated confidentially.