Cold or Flu


Some thoughts on the choices we make about our health.

One thing I often hear is that seeing a homeopath is expensive, people cannot afford homeopaths fees

Turn that on its head : how much is a trip to the hairdressers ? having your nails done ? those new trainers ?

What priority do you give to your health?

You have a choice , but with choice comes responsibility

We can choose to absolve ourselves of responsibility for our health by handing over that responsibility to the Doctor and the whole medical system.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for modern medicine and all the advances that have been made in surgery, but it has woefully failed in slowing the ever increasing tide of chronic disease. The answer : medication and often a number of them prescribed at any one time, often to mitigate the side effects of previously prescribed medicines.

See here for information on prescription error related deaths

Iatrogenic disease refers to medically induced disease. You may be shocked at the degree to which this occurs.

See here for information on the incidence of iatrogenic disease.

By contrast homeopathic medicine has never been shown to have any detrimental effect.

I have members of the family who readily and regularly and unquestioningly  take medication, but appear not to be able to transfer that approach to herbs, supplements and homeopathic remedies. I’ve reflected on why that might be ?  Is it something to do with trust ? They have complete trust in the medication but herbs, supplements and homeopathic remedies are things with which they are unfamiliar. With unfamiliarity comes reticence but also the need to take on responsibility for exploring the possibilities of these other approaches.

Here in the UK we have given over responsibility for our health to the conventional medical system and the pharmaceutical companies.

Medications  are given for specific symptoms but there is no holistic oversight.

Referral into the hospital system means seeing a gynaecologist, an oncologist, a rheumatologist , an endocrinologist or some other specialist in a particular body part or system. This is based on an old philosophy ( I believe Descartes ) where the body was seen as a series of components, a ‘machine’.  To the best of my knowledge these different specialists don’t communicate with each other, there is no holistic overview, no-one’ joins up the dots’.

Homeopathy views the body and the person who inhabits it as a whole, integrated system where there is ‘ communication ‘ and wisdom, with the body always trying the best it can do to keep a balance in all its processes.

So we have a choice :

 Dependency on medications that suppress the symptoms, rarely getting to the root of the problem or a medicine that recognises that symptoms are a reflection of imbalance in the body and resolves them by bringing the body into balance.


What will you choose ?

The ‘ bottom line ‘ here is quite simple.

Ask yourself :

 ‘ what would it mean to feel better?’

‘ what would feeling better mean you could do in life ?’

‘ what would it mean if your child was no longer anxious about going to school ?

I hope you get my drift ?  This is all possible with Homeopathic treatment so how much do you value your health or that of your family ?

will this be your choice ?

I hope so




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