My fees include the time spent in consultation, time analysing your case, and email support between appointments.

Homeobotanicals which I may also suggest, are not included in the fee.


First Consult : £75 /$95
Follow-up £40 /$50

Package : First Consultation plus two follow-up consultations  £135/$169

Packages must be paid for in advance


First Consult : £60/ $75
Follow-up £ £40/ $50

Package : First consultation plus two follow-up consultations £120/ $153

Packages must be paid for in advance


Discounts available when
treating more than one member of a family.

Pay by instalment available.


I don’t ever want to turn anyone away because finances are limited, so if you are in this position, please contact me so that we can discuss options.

Susan has been treating my family and I for the past three years. She has worked closely with my eldest daughter, now 4, and through her homeopathic treatment has been able to help transform her life from a silent, withdrawn, child to a happy, confident little girl. Susan has also introduced me to basic homeopathic treatment so that I can confidently treat my family’s day to day needs at home.

Sarah N

I visited Susan to help me deal with a long standing issue.  I was immediately put at ease and found my story was received in a very non judgemental and empathic way by Susan. I always felt as if I could contact her at any time over the process if there were any problems and my condition was relieved.


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