What Are They Saying

Client Testimonials

“I booked a session with Susan for my 2-years old son, who is non-verbal and under assessment for autism.

I wanted to support his emotional health because he had frequent meltdowns. I also wanted to regulate his bowel movements since he was struggling from chronic constipation. After the first session and the homoeopathic remedies, she prescribed the results were astonishing. His constipation is no longer an issue, he became regular and more at ease. His eye contact improved, and he became more social, making more sounds and trying to communicate more. Increased attention span so that he could focus for an hour working with his play and behavioural therapist.

His sleep has improved and night terrors are almost non-existent. He had fewer meltdowns and they lasted shorter time periods. It was truly amazing to see such improvement after the first session. I look forward to seeing more changes in the next months to come.

Susan also helped us tremendously during covid. She guided us on homoeopathic remedies for my son to support him during the acute viral phase with fever and gastrointestinal issues. I can’t thank her enough for her support and kindness. She’s a very knowledgeable homoeopath with a lot of empathy and compassion. I highly recommend her. Thank you so much, Susan!

Anna W

Thankyou for all the work you’ve done so far Susan I never thought V’s pica would get better all the specialists are amazed as they said there was nothing they could do so thank you I really am so grateful.


Susan has been treating my family and I for the past three years. She has worked closely with my eldest daughter, now 4, and through her homeopathic treatment has been able to help transform her life from a silent, withdrawn, child to a happy, confident little girl. Susan has also introduced me to basic homeopathic treatment so that I can confidently treat my family’s day to day needs at home.

Sarah N

I visited Susan to help me deal with a long standing issue.  I was immediately put at ease and found my story was received in a very non judgemental and empathic way by Susan. I always felt as if I could contact her at any time over the process if there were any problems and my condition was relieved.


I have now used homeopathy for severe hayfever symptoms over two successive seasons and found the results amazing. Previously I needed to use a nasal steroid to stop the constant runny nose, now when the acute symptoms come I finish my homeopathy course and feel great. Thank you Susan.

Dan T

All you ladies out there have or may experience the dreaded night sweats whilst experiencing the menopause, I did until I went to see Susan Terry.

We had a wonderful long background chat, the remedy was posted out to me with immediate results.

Sweats decreased in severity, then a change in remedy and they eventually stopped completely, this over a period of about eight weeks. Thank you Susan.


“Susan has been treating me for tri-geminal neuralgia, a condition that hadn’t responded to conventional medicine – indeed I was led to believe by the medics that there isn’t a “cure” as such. Prior to seeing Susan I had numerous sessions with a cranio-sacral therapist but that didn’t seem to be making any impression on my pain. 

Following the homeopathic treatment that Susan recommended the TGN abated, to the extent that I was pain-free for an extended period. There have been recurrences and further treatments have been suggested.

Susan is a thoughtful practitioner with great attention to detail.”


I contacted Susan about the warts on my 7 yr old daughter’s hands.  We had been battling them for at least 4 years and what started as 1 wart had turned into 16!  I tried every natural cure I could find online, over the counter wart removal products, and even worked with another homeopath before finding Susan.   After about 4 months and just a few remedies,14 of the warts have shriveled up and disappeared!  I am confident that the other 2 will go on their way as well with a bit more time.  There is such a huge sense of relief that my daughter doesn’t have to go to school with bandages all over her hands or have kids poking at her fingers asking about them.  My daughter and I both found Susan very easy to talk to and a pleasure to work with.  If I could hug Susan all the way from America I would!  


I had never really thought about homeopathy before, but when numerous trips to the doctor and prescribed medicine wasn’t working I was desperately at a point where I would give anything ago.
I found Susan through a google search and as she was local I messaged, she replied promptly and agreed to see me quite quickly. Susan offers a fantastic service, she is very patient and offers a thorough initial consultation. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a standard run of the mill patient and kept reacting quite severely to different remedies, but Susan was very patient and at the same time, efficient, working really hard to research using the information I regularly gave her about my symptoms, and finally we found a remedy that worked. I am now clear of my symptoms and the condition.
Susan keeps in touch throughout the process and as my problem started at the beginning of lockdown she made sure my remedies made it to me either by post or dropping them off herself. I would thoroughly recommend Susan’s services and I would definitely recommend anyone thinking about trying homeopathy.