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Susan has been treating my family and I for the past three years. She has worked closely with my eldest daughter, now 4, and through her homeopathic treatment has been able to help transform her life from a silent, withdrawn, child to a happy, confident little girl. Susan has also introduced me to basic homeopathic treatment so that I can confidently treat my family’s day to day needs at home.

Sarah N

I visited Susan to help me deal with a long standing issue.  I was immediately put at ease and found my story was received in a very non judgemental and empathic way by Susan. I always felt as if I could contact her at any time over the process if there were any problems and my condition was relieved.


I have now used homeopathy for severe hayfever symptoms over two successive seasons and found the results amazing. Previously I needed to use a nasal steroid to stop the constant runny nose, now when the acute symptoms come I finish my homeopathy course and feel great. Thank you Susan.

Dan T

All you ladies out there have or may experience the dreaded night sweats whilst experiencing the menopause, I did until I went to see Susan Terry.

We had a wonderful long background chat, the remedy was posted out to me with immediate results.

Sweats decreased in severity, then a change in remedy and they eventually stopped completely, this over a period of about eight weeks. Thank you Susan.


“Susan has been treating me for tri-geminal neuralgia, a condition that hadn’t responded to conventional medicine – indeed I was led to believe by the medics that there isn’t a “cure” as such. Prior to seeing Susan I had numerous sessions with a cranio-sacral therapist but that didn’t seem to be making any impression on my pain. 

Following the homeopathic treatment that Susan recommended the TGN abated, to the extent that I was pain-free for an extended period. There have been recurrences and further treatments have been suggested.

Susan is a thoughtful practitioner with great attention to detail.”


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